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Feature requests, changes and bug reports, v.10

In this article, which has got it's own permanent link from the front page, I will try to keep track of all feature requests and bug reports for calcuttagutta. If you want something added or changed, post a comment to this article. That way we can keep all discussion of features in one place for easy future reference. If you feel that one of the listed features or changes are silly and uneccessary, it is also good to say so. That way I won't waste time implementing some unwanted feature.

What follows is a compilation of all previously posted requests I have found, except those which are already implemented. I will try to keep it up to date, and please let me know if I have forgotten something.

Feature requests

File uploads
Photo album
More complete RSS-feed (to include comments and flashforum)
Static_article variable (?)
Prioritising of articles (?)
Calendar (?)
Keep track of new articles and comments since last visit (cookie)
Events calendar (Probably made redundant by facebook?)
Personal subdomain (

(Fikk en idé for noen dager siden - hva med om vi i tillegg til mulighet for kategorisering av poster legger inn mulighet for å klassifisere en post som "felles" eller "personlig"? Hvis en post er "personlig" dukker den bare opp på den personens bit av Calcuttagutta, som man finner ved å klikke på navnet i spaltistlista (som da vil utvides til å ha med alle medlemmer som har postet noe på sin personlige dings den siste uka eller noe) eller ved å gå på, eksempel På den måten har jeg et sted jeg kan poste ting som jeg føler er veldig på siden og uinteressant for de fleste, men som jeg likevel vil røle om et sted.)

Timezone awareness
Like functionality for flashforum
Printer friendly option for articles
Option to have page activity reflected in colour scheme
Implement textile, markdown or similar
Statistics page (like this and this)
Advanced search
Linkification in Flashforum
Option to order tags alphabetically


Automatically timestamp articles at time of posting (currently implemented)
Allow manual change of timestamp (wish from Camilla)
Order last comments by time of comment, not time of article
Display "Edited by..." if comment has been edited
Optional title for comments
More user friendly preview feature
Fixed width center column
Smaller fact box on article page
Always show Flashforum
Login link at the top of the page
Easy option to select all languages

Bug reports

Various problems with css in Opera and IE
Changing profile picture doesn't work


Version 1

Tor, 06.08.10 10:34

Version 2

Tor, 06.08.10 10:59

Version 3

Tor, 06.08.10 11:00

Version 4

Tor, 06.08.10 11:28

Version 5

Tor, 06.08.10 11:29

Version 6

Tor, 06.08.10 11:33

Version 7

Tor, 06.08.10 11:34

Version 8

Tor, 06.08.10 18:13

Version 9

Tor, 09.08.10 12:59

Version 10

Tor, 27.11.10 21:29