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Running for charity

Mary participated in a charity race in Edinburgh earlier today, running 10 km, in order to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. While I don't really see why a bunch of people going for a run should make me any more or less inclined to support charity, I feel that research on heart disease isn't a bad thing to support. And who knows, it might actually be of use to me at some point in the future.

If you feel the same, or alternatively, if you are the kind of person who are inspired to give money to charity when people go for a run, or if you don't sleep well, because your mattress is just getting too full of notes, here is a link:

Mary has already exceeded her relatively modest goal of raising £20, but there is no reason not to exceed it even more.

Also, if it helps, I cycled 40 km today, though I didn't say it was for charity before I started, so I don't know if it counts.

-Tor Nordam


Camilla,  01.11.10 21:02

How did it go?