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Ten years ago

It's snowing

Just a small note, for the benefit of my foreign friends, so they can feel that they have made a good choice in settling somewhere, well, foreign.

It is currently snowing here. And if I were foreign too, I would probably say that it's settling. Obviously, it isn't properly settling, as the temperature in the ground is well above zero, and the snow will be gone shortly, but if I were to take a picture right now, you would see that the grass is partially covered in snow in several places.

Just thought I should let you know.

-Tor Nordam


Camilla,  03.05.10 10:31

So we're agreed, then? Norway is not for us?

Kjellove,  03.05.10 18:17

Yesterday I played 'It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas', and today it fucking does. Fuck Norway.

Tor,  03.05.10 18:52

I like it is. It keeps us from growing soft.

Kjellove,  03.05.10 19:18

That's true.

Camilla,  03.05.10 20:49

The People Want Pictures!

Camilla,  03.05.10 20:50

Also, I should probably note that this morning it was a little chilly here as well, but then the sun came out as we sat on top of Calton Hill drinking coffee and looking out at the city, and we almost had to take our jackets off, and it wasn't very bad to be alive and in Edinburgh.

Jørgen,  03.05.10 21:54

Foto? Skal bli. Slik ser det ut fra kjøkkenvinduet nå.

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