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Endelig ferdig II

Jacqueline Rose on the Dreyfus affair

The London Review of Books has published a number of lectures online, in video form.

This one is by Jacqueline Rose. I thoroughly enjoyed it. There are some kicks in the general direction of recent British and American history, but it is focused on the Dreyfus affair. It is fascinating. She attacks it through a focus on three (well, four) heroes and discusses the historical setting for that particular moment of anti-semitism. It is not a history-lecture but a series of readings of texts of the period. And it deals with the nature of justice. And it concludes with a rather scathing discussion of Israel and zionism.

It seems pertinent in the context of the current focus on the Gaza blockade.

The lecture lasts for about an hour, and is then followed by a Q&A-session of another 40 minutes, which I still haven't seen. But I intend to.


Tor,  06.06.10 14:29

Hmm. Sounds interesting. Unfortunatey, I need to work.

Tor,  06.06.10 22:31

Forøvrig, den kommentaren rett over her var min kommentar nummer 2000. Jeg håper du føler deg beæret.

Camilla,  06.06.10 22:58

Veldig. Jeg har visst fortsatt 30 igjen før jeg kommer så langt. Merkelig. Jeg har alltid hatt inntrykk av at jeg har kommentert mer enn deg. Har du jukset?

Tor,  06.06.10 23:02

Nei, jeg tror ikke det. Ikke med vilje, i alle fall.